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Welcome to the Motel 6

bare mattresses, tacky lampshades and vending machines

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Alex: "Naples drunk" Prefers boy shorts to thongs, tends to take off clothes when intoxicated, is the tony hawk of skimboarding, loves guys in tight jeans with lots of peircings (sure, why not) , and gives a 9.2. Has americas shittiest system in the Amigo and plans on being a Swedish bartender.

Corinne: "The master of hey mistering" Drives a bubble, secretly listens to rap music, enjoys smoking a ciggarette while strolling down the beach on cool summer nights, wants to swim naked in a pool of chocolate, and plans on being a playgirl photographer.

Jaislee: "The band girl gone bad" Eats liquor soaked meal worms, drives the pimp shaggin' wagon, sucks at sneaking out, the whore of sterling oaks, second largest boobs in the group, attracts trucker guys at IHOP, LA BELLA (enough said), and plans on being a full time guest on Jerry Springer.

Bailey: "The boobs" Purest one out of the group, enjoys little black skirts and couches, has extreme Jessica moments, drives a upscale Motel 6 on wheels, prefers pancakes to waffles, and plans on being the next "natural" Pam Anderson.

Think you can live up to the Motel 6 standards? Fill out the extremely serious application and see if you're eligable to room at the Naples Motel 6.

Directions(As if it isnt obvious as to what you are suppose to do): Respond to these questions in full honesty. (or just lie and we'll think its cool anyways, whatever). When you are finished, post your application for everyone to see so we can point and laugh at it, and then vote as to whether or not you're cool enough to party at our Motel 6 penthouse suite. Oh, and take none if this litterly unless indicated. Also, one word answers are pretty lame, so elaborate as much as you wish.

1. Whats you're "street" name:

2. What "hood" were u born in:

3. Do you take pictures of yourself, claiming you are just "bored":

4. What is your favorite drink:

5. Will you go to Alex's elite swedish bar?

6. Alex not only is an awesome skimboarder, but she looks hot while doing it. Tell us why this is true:

7. Would you stroll down the beach with Corinne on a cool summers eve?

8. Where else would you go with Corinne if anything was possible? (Clothing is always optional on whatever outing you chose to go on)::

9. How do you think Jaislee is going to die in the future?

10. Is Jaislee going to end up like her Nazi-Belly-Dancing mom?

11. Would you hang a picture of Bailey (when shes a playboy model like Pam) next to your bed?

12. So, how about that little black skirt.. and the couch?

13. What is your favorite hotel/motel

14. Where do you think would be the craziest, most random place to have sex/fuck/bang/stick the D in the V/make love/whatever you wana call it?

15. Twisted ass hair. Do you find that word funny?

16. Would you watch porn (kind of, but movie has a plot so its not officially porn) if you accidently rented it and you were home alone?

17. How many shots of orangejuice could you handle??

18. Is it possible for Alex, Bailey, Corinne, Jaislee, Jesse, Nick, Wes, Bernadette, Brenton, Italy, Anthony, Jose, Karen, Arley, and Daniel to be in the presence of eachother for long amounts of time and stay completely sober?

19. If you were a Spice Girl, which one would you be?

20. Avril Lavigne. 3/4 of us secretly like her. Time to come out of the closet, what do you think of her?

21. Are you from Ohio? Ohioians can be very cool.::

22. Tonight, will you be my naughty girl?

Okay its time to get serious.

23. 5 favorite bands/ singers::

24. Best show/concert you've ever been to::

25. 3 of your favorite movies::

26. Would you really bang Alex's mom? (Guys only.)

27. What pisses you off?

28. Do you have any regrets?

Last but not least...

29. Blondes or brunettes?

30. Post a picture of your self:

Now, wasnt that fun? Now post all of your shiz and wait for judgement day.