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08:16pm 08/06/2005
  Well It's summer once again. It's time to start this baby up!!!! Biotchesssss  
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Updating the Commun 
08:31pm 09/08/2004
  I'm the only one who has filled out an app. I'm so cool, well not cooler than the bitches and hoes who created this fine commun. Haha. Well yea......  
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I'm gonna post 
05:40pm 06/08/2004
mood: Crunk
Skeet! skeet , ah I love that word. Well nothing is really happening on the scene yet. You know. I have a shilaley(irish walking stick) Hahah I'm a wee litl leprochaun, damn that's hard to spell. Shake it like a salt shaka. Let's all get crunked up lata.

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Put yo click up!! Put yo click up motha fucka!! 
09:04am 06/08/2004
mood: awake
1. Whats you're "street" name: Fellatio Cwac Cwac ( I got from this name generator, it makes me laugh, but I still pop a cap in yo' system bitches!!!)

2. What "hood" were u born in:I was born up in Cincinatti, Ohio, what up. Evn tho I moved down here when I was like 4 months old , but whateva.

3. Do you take pictures of yourself, claiming you are just "bored": Hmmm good question maybe I'll let you find out later for yourself.

4. What is your favorite drink: Coke and rum

5. Will you go to Alex's elite swedish bar? Ja Ja, I can see her in clogs now.

6. Alex not only is an awesome skimboarder, but she looks hot while doing it. Tell us why this is true: Uhh haven't really seen her skimboard alot, but I know she has good balance for it. That makes you hot, haha.

7. Would you stroll down the beach with Corinne on a cool summers eve? Hahaha summers eve. Not just eve, but morn, aftrnoon, and nizight

8. Where else would you go with Corinne if anything was possible? (Clothing is always optional on whatever outing you chose to go on):: Hrm, maybe take her out with the School's "special" drivers Ed car and go driving around the mall. Burning rubber, ohhhh yea. SAY WHAT?!

9. How do you think Jaislee is going to die in the future? Jaislee's immmortal, that will never happen. Unless she secretly becomes a hooker and gets so many STD's that her immortal powers will be revoked, then she will die. Noooooooooooo

10. Is Jaislee going to end up like her Nazi-Belly-Dancing mom? Never seen her.

11. Would you hang a picture of Bailey (when shes a playboy model like Pam) next to your bed? Hahaa not only that, but I send her Chocolate Chocolate Towers in the mail.

12. So, how about that little black skirt.. and the couch? No comment

13. What is your favorite hotel/motel:: Motel 6 babyyy, free cable and a heated pool. Booyaa ( wow, nobody has said that in a while)

14. Where do you think would be the craziest, most random place to have sex/fuck/bang/stick the D in the V/make love/whatever you wana call it? At the skatepark in the half pipe, at exactactly 11:43..56sec. Yeaa. So then in the morning when the kids start to skate hahaha sucks for them.

15. Twisted ass hair. Do you find that word funny? Hhahaha yes, yes I do

16. Would you watch porn (kind of, but movie has a plot so its not officially porn) if you accidently rented it and you were home alone? Sure why not, porn has plots??

17. How many shots of orangejuice could you handle?? With vodka in them, as long as the vodka wasn't warm alot. I don't know maybe more than 30...who knows

18. Is it possible for Alex, Bailey, Corinne, Jaislee, Jesse, Nick, Wes, Bernadette, Brenton, Italy, Anthony, Jose, Karen, Arley, and Daniel to be in the presence of eachother for long amounts of time and stay completely sober? Yeah I'm sure ya'll could, you'd be sober crazy and come up with insane ideas, then start to go to the beach and um...yea.......skimboard!!!!!

19. If you were a Spice Girl, which one would you be?The black one, you know how I do. Word playas

20. Avril Lavigne. 3/4 of us secretly like her. Time to come out of the closet, what do you think of her? I think she's a pretty cool Maple leaf(canadian)songs aren't bad ither

21. Are you from Ohio? Ohioians can be very cool.:: Yeaaa that's mah hood motha fucka.

22. Tonight, will you be my naughty girl? Oooo I don't know about tonight

Okay its time to get serious.

23. 5 favorite bands/ singers:: Blink182,Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins, Dashboard Confessional,Nickleback, Kanye Wes, Get Up Kids

24. Best show/concert you've ever been to:: Never been to a concert..I'll just die now and leave the rest to imagination

25. 3 of your favorite movies:: The Labyrinth,Deep Throat(haha just kidding).. Moulin Rouge, Napoleon Dynamite

26. Would you really bang Alex's mom? (Guys only.)

27. What pisses you off? Little punk kids, man if I only had a sniper.

28. Do you have any regrets? Why suuurree

Last but not least...

29. Blondes or brunettes? Brunettes, gotta represent!!
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02:47am 05/08/2004
mood: awake

Its Corinne, Bailey, Jaislee and Alex.
This is our community, bitch!!
So fill out an application and you will prolly be accepted.
Go for it.

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